Over recent years, societies have been shaken by Covid-19, supply chain failures and intensifying climate crisis. Economic commonsense around economic growth and globalisation has been turned on its head.

The project ‘Participatory Pathways for Reshoring European Manufacturing’ (RESHORE) asks: How is deglobalisation taking place in response to these challenges, and what does it mean for the communities involved?

Inspired by work on community economies and degrowth, the project will explore concepts of ‘strategic autonomy’, ‘localisation’ and ‘Alternative Production Networks (APNs)’ in Europe.

Research Team / RESHORE is housed in the Department of Geography at LMU

Dr Thomas S.J. Smith

Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Geography, LMU


Prof. Henrike Rau

Professor of Social Geography and Sustainability Research, Department of Geography, LMU